“ I have a passion for stone” explains the French-born artist who has maintained a life-long love for sculpting in this medium, Harris explains.

Born at the doorstep of a marvelous Gothic cathedral in Champagne, France’s region of wine and stone, his talents brought him his first commission at age 14. “Although I had my first public show just a few years later, it wasn’t until I was 21 that I decided to dedicate myself to becoming a professional sculptor.”

With a strong foundation in the arts, his professional European career blossomed. Among the greatest achievements are the commissions by the President of Germany and also the President of the Ivory Coast. His artwork can also be found in Belgium, France and Germany. His sculptures are exhibited in galleries and he maintains studios in France, California, and now in North Carolina. His major line of work comes from commissions by private clients and public enterprises.

Working in a unique style, Harris sculptures are best described as classical contemporary, representing the human figure – man and woman – surrounded by a “veil.” The veil represents the mystery we encounter each day of our lives,” says Harris. “The message I want to convey is one of optimism. Truth exists in the world in humanity or mankind, but man has not yet conquered the knowledge of the mystery of life on Earth. So it is necessary, or an option, for the sculptor to reveal a partially exteriorized form."